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Communication Practice in English

Standard Brief Curriculum


— how to introduce yourself, name, surname, profession, place of birth, residence, occupation;

— how to ask another person for introduction, dialogs at first meeting.

2. Your profession.

— what are you;

— your experience, what exactly you are doing at work, interesting experience, funny stories about your job.

3. Your country, your city.

— history, political system, places of interest.

4. Travelling.

— how to buy tickets for train, ferry, airplane;

— time-tables, travel guides;

— check-in, customs, immigration control;

— driving yourself;

— travel specific in English-speaking countries.

5. Asking the way.

— how to ask the way in unknown place, most useful fraises about city infrastructure, time-tables;

— city transport in English-speaking countries – busses, coaches, taxis, underground, trams, etc.

6. Hotel.

— making reservation (on-line, by telephone);

— check-in the hotel, how to ask about service available, details, rules of the hotel;

— check-out, bills, disputes.

7. Restaurant.

— restaurant, café, fast-food – menus, prices, special requests;

— how to ask the bill, tips;

— specific in English-speaking countries.

8. Emergency situations.

— how to call emergency service – how to describe the situation, which telephone to dial;

— various emergency situations;

— how to deal with police.

9. Medical assistance.

— how to ask medical assistance;

— how to describe your problem;

— medical insurance;

— specific of medical assistance in English-speaking countries.

10. Forums.

— invitation to forum, how to accept/decline the invitation;

— registration, programme of the forum, participation, discussions.

11. Culture.

— theatres, cinemas, exhibitions, galleries, show, sportive events – tickets, accommodation plans;

— dress code;

—  specific of attending mentioned events in English-speaking countries.

12. Hobby.

— your free time – what you like to do;

— sports, arts, etc.